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Cocktail Hour by the Fire

Cocktail Hour by the Fire

The Bar at the W Union Square

The Bar at the W Union Square

Welcome to cocktail hour by the fire… pull up a seat, today's is all about sangria.

Let's look at ancient history for a moment, circa 2003! Doug @W Union Square  one of my favorite bartenders and Hotels in NYC, reintroduced me to the true wonder of a well built Sangria! His version still lingers in my memory of truely great flavors, one that I enjoyed on a hot August afternoon! This beverage with a history dating back to 200BC has elevated it's status to that of an elite cocktail. Top shelf mixologists from San Francisco to New York are designing their own versions of this ancient beverage, each with a unique twist that places a smile on the faces of their patrons.

The NY Times talks about Refreshing New Sangrias to Chase Away Bad Memories most notably todays efforts displace any lingering bad memories; possibly from the 1964 Worlds Fair in NY that many say introduced Sangria to America. Though I attended the event I did not sample the beverage, most likely they would not have served a seven year old no matter how much he attested to the fact that he was only trying to broaden his palete!
The Wine Enthusiast The Anatomy of Sangria is a great guide to building this cool summer beverage, it details the the build process and a delicious list of ingredients. OK let's cut to the chase and talk about my adventures in mixoligy this summer, invite a dozen friends over, fire up the Big Green Egg and break out the cocktails.

Red Sangria

Wine | Shiraz & Red Zinfandel

  • Fortification | Brandy, Orange Liqueur, Lemon Liqueur
  • Fruit | Apples, Red Grapes
  • A little spice | Lemon Thyme, Star Anise, Bay Leaves, Tai Peppercorns
  • Garnish | Lemons & Limes

The process | Please Ask!

Rose Sangria Wine | Rose & Rose Champagne

  • Fortification | Cognac, Orange Liqueur, Lemon Liqueur
  • Fruit | Meyer Lemons, Key Limes & Clementines
  • A little spice | Fresh Peppermint, Basil & White Peppercorns
  • Garnish | Raspberries & Blackberries

The process | Please Ask!

A Shout out this week to… Michael Chiarello his Frozen Sangria and his new outpost COQUETA! Sangria always tastes better by the fire and Michael's new book "LiveFire" is a great read and an open fire cooking bible!

As Paul Harvey said... "Now for the rest of the story"  My favorite new website theKitchn talks Sangria  and the Rioja Sunrise version is next on my must drink list. Many thanks to Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan for starting The Kitchn in 2005! Take a look at their Small COOL Kitchens 2013, it is undoubtedly very COOL! More on chasing cool later on...

That's all for now…  Enjoy your week, eat good food & drink great wine!

BTW… Something you would like to hear about, want a recommendation or a recipe from @Nobody asked me, but! Just drop me a line @gemuller

"Nobody asked me, but"  With my sincere apologies to Jimmy Cannon & Paul Harvey!