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coffee at the Mill House Inn

COFFEE…  Breakfast, afternoon & evening coffee reigns supreme the moment the brew is finished, steaming hot & aromatic! There are hundreds of allstars in the small biz coffee industry too many mention and certainly so many I have yet to discover. But I will attempt to uncover the hidden zen of America's coffee culture. Zagats 50 Must-Try Coffee Shops is a tour d' force and prompts a road trip! I should admit up front that "I love coffee" from many years brewing thousands of cups a day for Wall Street to the perfect cup we try to make better each day at The Mill House. What follows is a taste of what I have discovered to date. This is certainly a post to be revisited, let me know what you think…

Hats off to Gary & Olga Teplitsky NY expats since 1991 when they opened Baby's Coffee on Duval Street in Key West Florida in an old haunt of Ernest Hemingway. Congrats on their new location in Breaux Bridge Louisiana! All Arabica, just in time roasting, nothing added and delivered ASAP! This is serious stuff, road trip time, NOLA or the Conch Republic?

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Milan based designer George Sowden and his simply elegant Softbrew "just can't bring myself to call it a coffee pot" is my personal favorite method of brewing coffee. The Softbrew is designed to perfectly filter the grind and allow just the right amount of heat needed to brew the very best coffee!

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Talk about a global presence la colombe coffee is a caffeinated travel itinerary!| Papua | Haiti | Bolivia |  Madagascar | Kenya | Columbia | Costa Rica | Ethical long-term trade with coffee growers, they get world trade, something to be proud of! Fair Trade Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center & Farm Direct. LA Colombe's PURE BLACK COLD BREW is an great summer beverage! Maybe you can convince J Silhan our GM to publish the recipe for our MHI Cold Brewed coffee made with a blend of LA Colombe's best roast! Hint click the logo and read their scrapbook!
screenshot 5screenshot 4So it goes The Blue Bottle Circa 1683 was central Europe's first

coffee at the mill house inn

coffee at the mill house inn

coffee house and lends it's name, 319 years later, to Blue Bottle Coffee! Organic, shade grown, just in time roasted Blue Bottle captures the essence of superlative coffee! To quote W James Freeman founder of one of my new coffee favorites. With cool names and great tastes, a superb brewing guide, great books, a blue bottle blog and top notch cafes in NY and CA, I look forward to their next move! Soon to be served @MHI One last Hint Click the blue bottle to visit 160 Berry Street 11249

A Shout out this week...  Caitlin Freeman & her stunning & delicious book Modern Art Desserts

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That's all for now…  Enjoy Your Coffee & drop me a line gemuller
*With my sincere apologies to Jimmy Cannon