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Liam with his lobsters

Liam with his lobsters

It was a beautiful mid summer day; the perfect time for a lobster bake.  We love lobster.  We love everything about it.  The butter, the mess, the meat, EVERYTHING.  With that in mind we headed for Stuart’s Seafood Shop in Amagansett for a few beauties that were sure to please the crowd.  They offered them as part of their ToGo clambakes (with lobster, corn, potatoes, mussels, clams, and whatever else you want them to throw in) but we decided to cook them at home since J had a new recipe he had been working on.

A few may have gotten away to become Liam's new pets but we had to disappoint him later.  There was no way we could let these miss the pot.  I am a simple Long Island girl and we like our lobster just like that… simple.  Lobster. Steam. Butter.  That's it.  But J had been wanting to try it his way and he thought he had the lobster perfected:
5 minutes in a steam bath on the stove
While they are cooling enough to touch make the butter / basting
Real Irish Butter
Fresh minced garlic
Fresh basil stolen from Chef Bruce's back deck
Salt & pepper (a little Franks red hot for us)
Brown a little butter then toss in the garlic and shallots (medium high heat)
Once they are translucent toss in the rest of the butter and all of the basil (chiffenate)
Lower heat - Salt and pepper to your liking
Set aside enough for dipping then leave the rest on the heat
Split the body in two
Remove the claws and knuckles
Place claws and knuckles on grill covered with a pan or tinfoil for 5 minutes
Move them to the top rack turning them over and cover again
Grill the split lobster meat side down for 5 minutes
Flip meat side up, baste with butter THEN start the 5 minute timer

These were some of the best lobsters we have ever had; even my picky parents thought it was an improvement upon perfection.

We then decided that we had to top off our tanks with a little ice cream.  Our favorite of course is John’s Drive In in Montauk.   All the ice cream is  homemade with flavors like Cherry Pistachio and Espresso chip, two of our favorites.   It’s a little crazy there in the summer with a line around the building but it is so good and reasonable.  It was an exceptional night.