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Surfing on the East End

Surf's Up

When paddle boarding or kayaking is not taking care of my water fix, I head for the waves.  I love waves; especially on Long Island.  I have surfed a few really big and a couple of dangerous swells around the world, but there is something extra special about the weightlessness of surfing on the east end.

I do not have a board anymore...  Not sure why, except my last custom balsa board was trashed at Cyclops off the Esperance Coast of Australia and the airline lost my Xanadu Step Off.  How odd that they did not lose the broken one; it will look cool in my garage one day.

No worries… I do not concern myself with splinters or airline mistakes, I call Main Beach Surf and Sport (MBX); they rent some great epoxy boards and wet suits (they also have soft tops for the less salted surfers) or I call to meet them where they are doing lessons.   They do have some great classes as well as private or family lessons; a smart thing to do if you haven’t surfed the area before.

I will have some videos for you soon, but until then check out the video from MBX’s surf camp. It will have you thinking you are on the west coast or in a private area of Maui…  I find it odd how many people visit the hamptons but never see our water, our sand, or taste our salt…  They are missing the real experience.

Next week - Jumping, crashing, almost dying at the end of Cranberry Hole Rd.