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Renting Bicycles

We got lucky this week… Stars aligned, the moon was just right and schedules worked out for us to get a full day to spend with our niece and nephew.

I wanted to make it a special and exciting one, so we started out with Khanh’s new place, Ngo Limits, for mini golf, and then took a bike ride to the park for lunch from Luigi’s.  Their focaccia sandwiches are the best (try the F17 and add avocado).

We ended the night with a pre-set up clambake on the beach (East Hampton really is an eating destination).  Stuart’s puts together clambakes (WITH LOBSTER) and even provides a pot to steam it all in.  The kids LOVED the steam corn, potatoes, clams, and lobster because “it was cool Uncle J”; we loved it because it was as local as possible, and fresh as you can get it.  If we could not cook them, they offered to cook them and even crack open the lobster for us.  These will definitely become a regular thing for us…

Having a Clam Bake on East Hampton Main Beach

Having a Clam Bake on East Hampton Main Beach