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10+ Reasons to visit the East End   "The best of April in the Hamptons”

Welcome to the very first edition of Chasing Cool in the Hamptons!

We are building this just for you, so it looks and feels different, it’s warmer and more personal. It’s the note a friend would send you when you are visiting her home for a few days. It's our way of helping you find really cool stuff! Explore uncharted territory, flirt with danger, and join the adventure "Chasing Cool in the Hamptons”

This is the story of what we believe, what matters most, the wit, wisdom and wonderment of The East End! Together we are going to build a travel journal just for you, allow us to be your interpreters of the unfamiliar Hamptons, the guides that are always by your side with a bit of common sense and sound advice. We promise that you are going to be entertained & enlightened!

It would mean a great deal to us if we could have a conversation every so often about your travels to the East End and beyond. If you would like to share your thoughts or suggest something that we might talk about, it would be a pleasure to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, your comments and friendship, they are greatly appreciated.

Until next week… Sylvia & Gary

Next week a little bit more about Chasing Cool and how you can make it your travel journal.

The Clam Bar

Sylvia Sylvia’s Picks

Among the many reasons living in East Hampton is so special (in every season) are the unexpected arts events we get to experience.On Tuesday April 29th Guild Hall showcases Kate Mueth and the Neo-Political Cowgirls in VOYEUR, a "newly conceived dance theatre art piece” I  don’t know exactly who they are or what this will be but it's free so why not give it a try?  You never know know who we might meet and what we might take away from this "exciting and provocative work.” One of the great things about theatre is that, when the lights go down, you get to be a “voyeur"… and steal a glimpse into the mind of the artist.

In Sag Harbor Bay Street Theatre features three days of New Works Festival April 25th through the 27th. I wish I had three days to be there for all three new play readings. Again, it’s free and the authors will be there for a “talkback” with the audience after each show.  On Saturday we can go to the "Artist Interact.” I think this means the authors will be talking to each other on stage, but it’s followed by a cocktail reception where we can chat with them and raise a toast together to their bravery and passion. I’m always up for raising a toast!

Since it’s time to share secrets, let’s check out The Springs Mystery Art Sale April 23rd through 27th at Ashawagh Hall. You can read the rest of the story at the EH Star or just take my word for it. Very cool. All of the 1000 works (half by local students, half by famous artists) are anonymous until the great unveiling, and all are priced at $20. This might be your only your chance to own an original Jimmy Buffett, April Gornik or Dan Aykroyd… or pick up a work by the next generation’s superstar-to-be (and benefit the SVAP - a great program inspiring kids to create art!)

Like Jazz? We do!  April is Jazz month on WPPB 88.3 FM. A few year ago Southampton College was sold and WLIU, our local Public Broadcasting station, lost its funding and its facilities. GM Wally Smith and this talented team rallied the East End community and raised the funds to launch WPPB (Peconic Public Broadcasting). Talk about "Community Radio" - this is the real thing! We always listen online when traveling away from the East End. And a happy birthday to Ed German on April 17th.

Life in the Hamptons is also remarkable for the rich farm and food community which thrives here and thanks must go out to Slow Food East End for their never ending quest to foster education, involvement and “conviviality".  (Conviviality is their word but I think I’ll adopt it!). On Sunday April 27th at Fresh Hamptons Chef Todd Jacobs creates a Slow Food Market Dinner featuring the season’s best local food & wine served family style. See you there! Please join our family table!

Sag Harbor Sunset


Want an authentic taste of the local fisherman’s catch? Me too and we are in luck, The Clam Bar is open for business and that signals the beginning of a new season on the East End. TCB manager Brian says the Montauk Pearl Oysters are at their best right now. To go with them he is looking for a new local Rose, any thoughts? The Miste Rose will be bringing in fresh lobster everyday at 4PM as they have done for 30 years. Some things should never change.

We like beer, especially eclectic small brewers. The Montauk Brewing Company is hoping to supply their Summer Ale to TCB, see what the NY Times has to say about this new Micro Brewery in Montauk. I want the OffLand IPA, best sampled fresh with some MP Oysters. A growler and a few dozen at ditch plains sorry wrong Ditch Plains! Ask me about our favorite really small brewer.

If you are looking for a house to rent for the season or buy a place to call home. The Hamptons Cottage & Gardens talks Real Estate “A Banner Season”. Village properties are more in demand then ever before! I really trust our favorite agent in East Hampton Robin Kaplan - ask her to find your dream home.

Our favorite local fish bar with sushi has moved and in the process saved a legendary breakfast joint & drinking establishment. The WL Clam & Chowder House  has pulled up stakes and moved west across the harbor The Clam and Chowder House at Salivars Dock. Wow all that drinking history saved for future generations, along with the best fresh fish in really swell new new digs… Good Luck Rob!

Sag Harbor is about to change in a big way as Richie Notar of Nobu and Harlow spins a new future for the stunning waterfront location formerly known as B Smiths. Curbed Hamptons spoke with Richie about his plans for this iconic spot. I'm up for coffee in the AM and that view, something about boat traffic in the harbor and a bit of solitude.

One more thing... Another reason why you should visit the Hamptons in April. Our secret offer just for you, Ok share if you must.

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